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"Let's make retopology as intuitive as sculpting!"

~ Jonathan Williamson, RetopoFlow creator

Focus where it counts

Clean topology is absolutely essential for AAA film and game models.


RetopoFlow removes the technical aspects from retopology so you can focus on your mesh flow and final topology.

NEW in RetopoFlow 2.0: Stroke Fill tool for creating smooth surfaces of complex forms in seconds.

RetopoFlow does for retopology what sculpting did for modeling: turning a difficult process into a smooth and artistic flow. 


Stop manually creating your retopology, RetopoFlow lets you draw new geometry directly onto the surface of your high-res model, generating complex topology in seconds.


NEW in RetopoFlow 2.0: Unified toolset with a dedicated Retopology Mode.

Simply draw geometry

No more wrangling shrinkwrap modifiers, toggling face snapping, or manually selecting and manually adding new geometry.


RetopoFlow lets you jump right into retopologizing through universal surface snapping and mesh generation.


NEW in RetopoFlow 2.0: Native mesh handling, enabling you to use RetopoFlow on any mesh, new or old.

Retopo faster than ever

Daniel Bystedt, Blender Artist 
(Goodbye Kansas Studio, Stockholm)

"Retopoflow 2.0 is a great update to the Retopoflow addon. It is so packed with features that it can be compared with some standalone retopology applications. The friendly interface and quick help makes it easy and fun to create manual retopology."

RetopoFlow is a Blender Addon for a Pain-Free Retopology WorkFlow

 "The smartest way to create AAA topology in Blender"




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